A child’s first birthday party should be fun, playful and filled with color.

A child’s first birthday party should be fun, playful and filled with color. My son’s favorite color is…..BLUE…big surprise! My daughter is too young to tell me what her favorite color is, but I suspect it will be some shade of pink or purple. Their birthday parties will reflect their favorite colors- the decorations, the cake, and of course their special outfit. What I will be sure not to do, is pick a party favor that is blue or pink! What will this ensure? That I will not spend money on a cute trinket that will then be thrown in the garbage….along with my money!

College Fund Piggy Bank

College Fund Piggy Bank. Courtesy of FavorBOSS.com

These piggy banks are perfect! Who doesn’t want to teach their kids, whatever their age, how to save money? Plus, you can choose the one that fits in with the sex of your child and the theme of your party.

Blue Ceramic Sneaker Bank

Item: Blue Ceramic Sneaker Bank. Courtesy of FavorBOSS.com

My 6 year old loves blue and he looooves his sneakers- perfect party favor  or if he decides on a car or truck theme we have piggy banks to match the theme!

My daughter’s 1st birthday is coming up- Pretty in pink will be the theme- Favor will be the pretty penny piggy bank.

Pretty Penny Piggy Bank

Item Name: Pretty Penny Piggy Bank. Courtesy of FavorBOSS.com

For an older girl, I would choose the owl bank.

Multicolored ceramic owl banks

Item: Multicolored ceramic owl banks. Courtesy of FavorBOSS.com

We work so hard to plan the perfect party, so let’s conclude our perfect birthday party with a great party favor for our guests to bring home and actually use!

Comment below with your favorite party favor ideas.

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